Ultrasonic cleaning machine with what cleaning agent? How to choose the right ultrasonic cleaning agent

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is increasingly widely used, before buying ultrasonic cleaning equipment, it is necessary to clarify that the reason why ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve cleaning, is by the physical cavitation of ultrasonic waves and ultrasonic cleaning agent chemical decomposition, stripping effect. The result of cleaning is achieved by the combination of these two functions, so the purchase of ultrasonic cleaning machine does not achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning, because most of the parts we clean have residual oil, dust, fingerprints, processing residues and other pollutants. Must use ultrasonic cleaning agent to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning! So, how should ultrasonic cleaning machine choose cleaning agent? Granbo ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers with years of experience to tell you how to choose the right ultrasonic cleaning agent.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

Select the appropriate ultrasonic cleaning agent three steps.

1、It is necessary to clarify the composition of contaminants on the cleaned items

Hardware parts oil type: processing oil, cutting oil, tapping oil, stamping oil, stretching oil, polishing wax, grinding powder, machine oil, carbon residue, processing residue, etc.

2、It is necessary to clarify the material of the items to be cleaned

Why is it necessary to clearly understand the material of the items to be cleaned? Because different parts materials need to choose different kinds of cleaning agent.

For example: copper and aluminum parts are active metal. If you use water-based cleaning agents to clean the surface of the parts, oxidation will occur. If the cleaning is required after plating or oxidation treatment that does not matter. If the parts are shipped directly after cleaning, it is recommended that such metal parts be cleaned with solvent as much as possible; it is recommended to use hydrocarbon cleaning agent for cleaning and choose vacuum drying or suction drying method for drying; if water-based cleaning agent is used, it is recommended to use neutral water-based ultrasonic cleaning agent. After cleaning and rinsing, it is recommended to do passivation treatment, and then dry! Iron parts and carbon steel parts must be ultrasonic cleaning after the rust prevention treatment.

3、It is necessary to clarify the ultrasonic cleaning temperature

Ultrasonic cleaning temperature is generally 45-60 degrees, some special pollutants will need about 80 degrees cleaning temperature; for example, the cleaning temperature of polishing wax is recommended for 80 degrees, plastic parts of polishing wax is recommended to choose low temperature polishing wax cleaning agent for room temperature cleaning. Avoid temperatures above 45 degrees to avoid deformation of plastic parts.

Electronic circuit board, PCBA, optical glass, TP glass cover, prism lens, high-precision parts cleaning must be rinsed with DI water, so as to avoid the surface water marks still exist after the parts are dried.

laboratory instrument parts cleaning is recommended to use special cleaning agents to avoid corrosion of high-precision parts; it is recommended to use alcohol-containing detergent to rinse and dry after cleaning surgical instruments and tools.

Biopharmaceutical laboratory ultrasonic cleaning instruments mainly use water as the cleaning solution, pay attention to the control of ultrasonic cleaning equipment water temperature and liquid level; emulsification, degassing, dispersion and other processes are completed, please turn off the ultrasonic cleaning instrument power.

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine or ultrasonic cleaning apparatus, the use of flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals as cleaning agents. It is strictly prohibited to put the parts directly into the ultrasonic cleaning tank. Try to use ultrasonic cleaning basket cleaning or use the bracket cleaning use.

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