Can laboratory instruments cuvettes be cleaned with ultrasound?

A cuvette is a device used for spectroscopic analysis. It is mainly an adaptable cuvette fired with quartz powder. It is also a very important piece of equipment in the laboratory. Because many concentration tests are measured by spectrophotometry, it should be stored carefully. And pay attention to use and cleaning. So, can cuvettes be cleaned with ultrasonic waves?

Laboratory instruments cuvette
Laboratory instruments cuvette

A cuvette is an experimental instrument. The inner wall of the cuvette has been the place that cannot be cleaned by hand. For example, when doing optical experiments, you will encounter the problem of cuvette cleaning, especially after using the chromogenic agent cuvette cleaning, for the color can not be washed off from the cuvette is more troublesome, can not be used indiscriminately cleaning solution, because this will damage the cuvette, cuvette sample cavity is small. Often the cleaning is not clean, resulting in errors in analysis and detection.

More and more laboratories are aware of the convenience and practicality of ultrasonic cleaning. Experimental instruments are generally fragile, afraid of vibration, some or toxic and harmful substances. Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine as high-tech products, can clean a variety of laboratory instruments, utensils, containers, etc., the laboratory use of ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleanliness requirements are very high. The traditional hand washing cleaning method can not achieve the ideal laboratory cleanliness, because the inner wall of laboratory equipment using traditional cleaning methods simply can not be cleaned, so you can use the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine to complete. Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration directly penetrate the inner wall of glassware and small crevices, small holes, dead ends, cuvettes, cuvettes, weighing bottles, reagent bottles, glass pieces, test tubes or components of cleaning.

In addition, for cuvettes and other small gaps in precision equipment, it is recommended to use high ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency, the higher the cavitation bubble, the weaker the cavitation strength, the attenuation is also relatively large. And

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