Can slides be cleaned with ultrasound?

A slide is a glass or quartz sheet used to put things on when observing them with a microscope. It is rectangular, thick, and has good light transmission, which facilitates the passage of light to increase brightness and facilitate observation. The slide has a great impact on the accuracy of the laboratory. Therefore, the cleaning of laboratory slides must be strictly enforced.


Slides are cleaned by traditional manual cleaning methods, such as water or alcohol cleaning, and during the cleaning process, fingers will inevitably touch the slides, leaving invisible dirt and particles such as fingerprints and imprints. This will undoubtedly lay hidden dangers for the next laboratory work and seriously affect the use effect. Therefore, the traditional hand washing cleaning method cannot achieve the ideal laboratory cleanliness. Therefore, it is not very feasible to use the traditional cleaning method to clean the attached dirt. And the slide ultrasonic cleaner, as a high-tech product, can clean slides more thoroughly. It can emulsify and peel off the dirt on the surface of slides to facilitate the next lab work and greatly improve the product yield.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine for slides is cleaned by the physical cleaning method of cavitation effect, so its working principle is the high-frequency oscillation signal from the ultrasonic generator, which is propagated to the medium cleaning solution after the high-frequency mechanical vibration generated by the transducer, producing tens of thousands of tiny bubbles. The tiny bubbles are constantly closed and expanded under the action of ultrasonic waves, which continuously produce a series of small bubbles that constantly impact the surface of the slide, so that the dirt on the surface of the slide and the crevices are quickly stripped off.

Slides can be cleaned with ultrasonic. The reasons for choosing ultrasonic cleaning slides are environmental protection, safety, good cleaning effect, no damage to slides, and no interruption of laboratory test observation. Therefore, the ultrasonic cleaning machine for slides is a cleaning method that can meet its special cleaning technology requirements.

The following describes its cleaning methods and requirements.

In the ultrasonic cleaning process, a slide cleaner is required. Ultrasonic is a physical cleaning action, and the slide cleaner is a chemical action, as well as a complementary action. The combined use of the two will obtain a more effective cleaning effect.

The specific cleaning method is as follows.

Put the used slides into the cleaning tank of ultrasonic cleaning machine first, add water and appropriate amount of slide cleaner, then turn on the ultrasonic switch to adjust the appropriate temperature and time, the dirt will slowly dissolve in the cleaning agent water during the cleaning process. Remove the cleaning agent and rinse the surface with water. At this point, the slides are as clean as new.

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