Can ultrasonic cleaning machine clean heavy oil stains? How to clean

In the industrial field, heavy oil cleaning has always been a relatively difficult problem. Especially some machinery and equipment after a long period of operation, the surface of its spare parts are covered by heavy lubricating oil, maintenance maintenance cleaning is very troublesome, if not clean will affect the service life and efficiency of the equipment.

So, ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean heavy oil?

The answer is completely can, even for some machinery and special ultrasonic department cleaning machine models, such as auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machine.

At present, ultrasonic cleaning machine in the automobile and motorcycle, rail transportation, ships, aerospace, mechanical hardware and other industries spare parts oil cleaning has been widely used. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used completely for cleaning heavy oil stains, and has a very good cleaning effect.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is how to remove the oil?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is how to remove the oil? This still has to start from the principle of cavitation in ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine in the ultrasonic cleaning work to produce tens of thousands of bubbles, in the bubble burst at the same time, a strong impact and act in the liquid, and constantly impact the surface of the object being cleaned, so as to remove the object inside and outside the surface of the oil. Of course, the amount of oil removal cleaning agent added to the liquid, or quite necessary, the effect of oil removal better.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can easily solve the stretching oil, stamping oil, rust prevention oil, lubricating oil and other oil cleaning problems, whether it is hardware, or plastic parts, have significant oil cleaning effect, is a high efficiency, high cleanliness of heavy oil cleaning equipment.

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