Can ultrasonic cleaning machine remove rust and oxidation skin?

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is the rapid development of a new cleaning technology in recent years, it has many advantages of its own in many areas of cleaning gradually replaced the traditional cleaning process. Compared with the traditional cleaning process, ultrasonic cleaning rust spot has the advantages of high cleaning cleanliness, no damage to the substrate, green and environmental protection. So ultrasonic cleaning machine can remove rust, remove oxide skin?

The answer is yes, ultrasonic cleaning machine is able to remove rust, but the ultrasonic cleaning machine alone to remove rust is not possible, the need for special rust remover assistance, or should be said that the ultrasonic cleaning machine auxiliary rust remover rust.

Why ultrasonic cleaning machine need rust remover to remove rust?

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

Because the ultrasonic cleaning machine itself is no rust, it plays a role only on the surface of the object an impact effect, so that the surface of the dirt, rust spots can be separated from the surface. And to let the rust spot out, it is necessary by the action of the rust remover on the surface to achieve the effect, after the rust remover soaked, and then under the action of ultrasonic cleaning, rust spots will have fallen off.

Since the rust remover can be detached from the rust spot, it also needs ultrasonic cleaning machine to do what?

Rust Removal
Rust Removal

Ultrasonic cleaning machine here is to play an auxiliary role, the use of ultrasonic quality of poreless, rust remover in the object’s various crevices, internal walls and various nooks and crannies, leaving no dead ends, so that the object can completely and thoroughly remove the rust spots.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine rust removal principle.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle
Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

Ultrasonic cleaning machine rust removal function also has to start from the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine work: frequency higher than 20,000 Hz sound waves called “ultrasonic”. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly through the transducer, the electrical energy into mechanical kinetic energy, through the cleaning tank will be ultrasonic radiation in the liquid tank, and then through the cavitation of the liquid medium on the surface of the object for high-frequency impact, the impact on the object is basically not damage, through the high frequency of sustained impact, the object surface dirt (such as rust) in the role of the cleaning agent, aided by the completely off. In this impact effect, ultrasonic cleaning can not only remove rust can also make the surface of the object new.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine rust removal video.

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