What cleaning machine can wash the blind hole dead end? Blind hole dead-end small parts cleaning on the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine

As we all know, in the machinery and equipment industry, industrial cleaning of small parts blind holes, dead ends has been a big problem, there is no good solution, and even to a certain extent hindered the development of machine blind holes.

Blind Hole Cleaning
Blind Hole Cleaning

So why ultrasonic cleaning machine can solve this problem?

First parts of the blind hole part of the cleaning, using the traditional ultrasonic cleaning method, the depth of the blind hole and the diameter of the blind hole has high requirements, that is, the cleaning effect is not good enough.

And industrial cleaning generally use the frequency of 40kHz ultrasonic cleaning machine, and this frequency is difficult to clean the diameter of less than 3 mm, the depth of more than 1 cm parts. But in the industrial equipment cleaning cleaning shell parts, motor parts and mechanical transmission parts often encounter blind hole cleaning, which usually need to clean the blind hole in the iron filings and machining oil.

However, it has been proven that small diameter blind hole is cleaned because when the parts into the groove of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, parts generated by water molecules into the water, when around the parts will produce bubbles. The blind hole is too small for the water pressure to burst the bubbles clogged in the blind hole. (Some bubbles will burst under the action of the ultrasonic waves and the cleaner will seep in.) We know that ultrasonic waves are conducted with water as the medium, which means that as long as water can reach, ultrasonic waves will be present to clean. However, the few blind holes that do not penetrate the cleaning agent cannot be cleaned.

How to make the bubble stuck in the blind hole burst and achieve cleaning?

1、Add compressed air nozzle, external air source

Ultrasonic energy alone is not enough, so in the design of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, we can add compressed air nozzles in the cleaning tank, external air source. When we need to use clean parts blind hole, we can slowly put the workpiece they into the cleaning tank, so that as much water as possible into the hole. After the parts are placed, will use compressed air to make water to produce countless water column to impact the workpiece, so that the bubble blocked at the hole rupture, through the ultrasonic better cleaning blind hole parts.

2、Using dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine

Can use dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the blind holes of these parts. Cleaning principle may be the frequency of ultrasonic waves set to high frequency. As we all know, high-frequency ultrasound does not produce cavitation effect, so we can use an ultrasonic wave used to produce cavitation, and then under another high-frequency ultrasonic oscillation, the cavitation effect is enhanced to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

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