Can ultrasonic cleaners wash coins?

Coins are a type of currency that is widely circulated. Due to their long use, multiple distribution and wide distribution, they are easy to produce stains, fingerprints and stickiness on the surface, so they can easily spread bacteria and are more likely to endanger human health. Therefore, it is necessary to configure an ultrasonic cleaning machine that can clean coins individually and provide integrated services of sterilization, disinfection and drying.


Take the all-in-one ultrasonic cleaning machine as an example, it consists of four parts: coin coin system, ultrasonic cleaning system, spraying and rinsing system, and drying system. The staff only needs to pour the coins into the feeding port and turn on the switch. With one key to start the switch, the coins will enter the above four main systems through the conveyor belt to complete the cleaning, sterilization, disinfection and drying process, and collect at the coin outlet. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is easy to use, simple to operate and complete in structure, it can also save energy and improve efficiency. No manual cleaning, batch cleaning, high efficiency, good results, we also use ultrasonic cleaning machine, but also sterilization.

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