How to choose the frequency of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

Medical ultrasonic cleaner is a kind of medical equipment cleaning equipment widely used in gastroscopy room, laryngoscopy room, operation room, sterilization supply center. In order to ensure that the cleaned instruments can achieve high standards of cleanliness requirements, in the purchase of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, according to the characteristics of the instrument and the nature of the attached dirt, choose the appropriate ultrasonic cleaning machine parameters.

And there are many parameters that affect the effect of medical ultrasonic cleaning, such as frequency, power, cleaning media, temperature, etc., which affects the main factor is the ultrasonic frequency. So, how to choose the frequency of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine
Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine

The lower the ultrasonic cleaning frequency, the cavitation effect produces a small number of bubbles, large diameter, when the cavitation bubble rupture released high impact energy, the greater the impact on the surface of the instrument, suitable for cleaning the surface attached to large particles of dirt or dirt and surface bonding strength of high instruments. With the increase in ultrasonic cleaning frequency, the number of cavitation bubble is linear increase, its diameter also decreases, thus producing more and more intensive shock wave to enable it to enter the smaller slit, which is conducive to the precision cleaning of small slits.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency selection method.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine commonly used frequency of 40KHz, 80KHz and 100KHz. most of the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine on the market is based on a single frequency. But Guan Boshi’s medical cleaning machine can be a combination of various frequencies, to achieve a machine double frequency, or even a machine three frequency cleaning. This cleaning method can be attached to the medical equipment of different nature of the dirt to clean all-round, to achieve a cleaner cleaning effect.

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