Ultrasonic cleaning machine how to clean diamonds and gold and silver jewelry?

Note: cleaning oxidation blackened gold and silver jewelry to use gold wash water silver wash water with water with ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash, if it is worn to produce conventional stains, water with a little detergent cleaning can be.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine how to clean diamond gold and silver jewelry

Diamond gold and silver jewelry
Diamond gold and silver jewelry

Diamond jewelry, gold and silver jewelry is a very common jewelry, long time wearing easy to oxidation black, seams inside easy to accumulate dirt, many people want to clean diamond jewelry, think of sending to the jewelry store for professional cleaning, in fact, this professional cleaning is the way to clean with ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning of diamonds will play a very good cleaning effect, so that the surface of diamond jewelry new. To achieve this effect is also thanks to the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning will produce cavitation effect, when the sound pressure or sound intensity by the pressure reaches a certain level, the small bubbles in the liquid will rapidly expand, and then suddenly closed, in this expansion and closure of the process of bubbles generated by the instantaneous shock wave so that the diamond dirt from the surface off, so that the dirt is dispersed, emulsified, stripped so as to achieve The purpose of ultrasonic cleaning. Many people heard this principle is worried, so powerful “internal force” will not have any impact on the diamond?

First of all, ultrasonic cleaning diamond cavitation effect, in the cleaning of diamond jewelry at the same time, the diamond will be affected by some cleaning machine shock, resulting in the metal set diamond may produce a little loose, affecting the security of the diamond. Although each time the impact of this cleaning is relatively small, but the long-term down is likely to affect the solidity of the diamond setting, so the ultrasonic cleaning method of diamond cleaning is best not often used.

May also be worried about the use of ultrasonic cleaning diamond jewelry will not affect the metal plating, if the correct use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, high-quality plating is generally not so easy to be affected, but the need to consider the cleaning machine power problems, generally choose to use small cleaning machine to clean diamond jewelry, if the power is too large, even high-quality plating will be difficult to Survived.

Now on the market some of the home small cleaning machine, the power is basically not very large, as long as you buy the right diamond ultrasonic cleaning machine, you do not have to think about ultrasonic cleaning diamond jewelry will have any impact on this issue, we still have to remember to regularly clean the diamond Oh!

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