What cleaning methods are available for ton drum cleaning and which method is more efficient?

Ton drums are used as an economical container packaging that can significantly reduce production, storage, transportation and operation costs. With the increasing use of ton drums in industrial production, they are gradually becoming a more used container for storing liquids and transporting different industrial materials.

Ton drums can be reused, but they must be cleaned every time to ensure that the liquid or material we put in them is not contaminated with impurities.

And ton drums need to be cleaned in different ways according to the different ways of cleaning dirt during the cleaning process. For example.

1, if sludge, scale and other oily with benzene solvents, such as toluene, xylene.

2, water-based resin with alcohol, ethanol type of wash.

3, is epoxy resin, with xylene or benzene, 200 # solvent oil, and n-butanol can also be.

4, epoxy resin plus curing agent in the absence of curing before you can use common organic solvents (alcohol, acetone, toluene, banana water, gasoline, etc.) can be washed off.

And tons of barrel cleaning methods have manual cleaning and ultrasonic machine mechanical cleaning of these two types.

Manual cleaning has better cleaning effect. The master in charge of cleaning will carefully clean the corners and around the ton drums to ensure the cleaning effect; but there are some disadvantages, such as long cleaning time. When the cleaning volume is larger, the disadvantage will be more obvious. So it is recommended to configure ultrasonic automatic cleaning line, which can greatly simplify the production process. Only one or two workers are needed to take charge, which improves the efficiency of the factory and increases the utilization rate.

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