How about the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in the automotive auto repair industry?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto repair store, suitable for auto repair industry such as auto repair store, auto repair store, etc. to clean the oil on auto parts, CNC type panel operation, fast and convenient, excellent cleaning oil effect, high efficiency!

Auto Repair Ultrasonic Cleaner
Auto Repair Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the automotive auto repair industry application advantages

1,Cleaning effect:Special auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machine instead of car bearing maintenance cleaning when using flammable items such as gasoline, greatly reducing labor and cleaning time, each car bearing cleaning time of about 5 minutes, cleaning costs about gasoline 1/25. ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment has been vigorously promoted by the China Automotive Repair Industry Association, and become the designated product for bearing grease cleaning.

2, auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machine for engine and transmission parts cleaning professional models, crankshaft, fuel injection nozzle, engine block, cylinder head, transmission case can achieve rapid and thorough cleaning, for maintenance, repair and boring and grinding process need to clean the engine block, oil pan, collector filter, transmission, case, gear assembly, cylinder head, bearings, oil pump, nozzle, crankshaft, piston, connecting rod, the Turbocharger components, etc., in the cleaning workpiece can achieve excellent cleaning effect. Products can meet the cleaning requirements from micro cars, cars, light trucks, medium trucks to heavy trucks and large generator sets with engines.

3, industrial auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in the production and maintenance of locomotives, aircraft industry, so that each re-assembly of the parts back as new.

4, very high parts surface cleanliness: to achieve the cleaning of complex components inside and outside the surface of the oil, carbon, grease, gum and other dirt thoroughly cleaned to achieve clean as new cleaning effect. Greatly improve the cleaning efficiency, cleaning time compared with traditional cleaning methods can be greatly shortened.

5, good economy: save manual cleaning, is one tenth of the cost of gasoline brushing.

6, superior performance: the use of water-based cleaning agent instead of gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other solvents, safe and environmentally friendly.

7, effectively improve engine overhaul performance: thoroughly clean lubrication, including the engine block, cylinder head and crankshaft in the lubricating oil oil channel holes. Part of the clean cold agent to improve engine cooling performance.

8, ultrasonic configuration, support high intensity, long time operation, using IGBT high-power integrated circuit, imported components transducer, unique gluing process, the vibrator never fall off.

9, control cabinet, host any combination, water and electricity completely separated, the operation is completely reliable.

10, according to the user’s products, production, shape and other requirements design customized into a variety of styles, for more details, welcome to call KJ ultrasonic understanding.

Auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning process.

1, in the cleaning tank to add tap water, the water level to ensure higher than or equal to the height of the cleaning tank 3/4, start electric heating, while starting ultrasonic degassing, water temperature of about 40 degrees to add the required amount of ultrasonic cleaning agent, to be 55 ~ 60 degrees when the water temperature to start cleaning parts.

2, the parts to be cleaned as far as possible to disassemble, the use of high-pressure water gun, wire brush, spatula or other tools will be its parts surface mud, heavy oil and heavy carbon pre-treatment of artificial assistance to ensure the service life of the cleaning fluid and cleaning speed and effect.

3, the parts to be cleaned into the cleaning pool, placed without overlap, to ensure that the parts are completely submerged by the cleaning fluid.

4, start the ultrasonic, generally timed cleaning 40 ~ 60 minutes, cleaning is completed to close the ultrasonic, remove parts for post-processing.

5, the use of high-pressure water gun to remove the residue on the surface of the parts, the use of air compression gun to remove the residue in the orifice. The parts that need rust prevention are handled separately.

To improve the cleaning effect, can be in the case of time allows, can be appropriate to extend the parts in the cleaning fluid cleaning time, in the actual operation process, in order to improve cleaning efficiency, can be taken with the disassembly, with the cleaning process.

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