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How to clean the injector nozzle too dirty? How to clean injector nozzles quickly

When it comes to the fuel injector of a car, everyone knows it. It is used to inject oil into the engine of the car. However, the injector nozzle will inevitably produce carbon after working under high temperature and pressure for a long time. But in reality, many car owners do not pay much attention to the cleaning of the injectors.


Once the injectors are clogged, all aspects of the car’s performance will be greatly reduced, which will directly affect the car’s driving quality. For example, it will lead to a decrease in the power of the car’s engine, and carbon build-up in the intake valves will lead to an unstable idle speed. Do not underestimate this problem. If left untreated for a long time, it can lead to engine blowout.

Since the fuel injectors are so important, how can they be cleaned to make them as good as new?

When the injectors are clogged, there will be some abnormal feedback to us during the driving process. For example, when starting from a low gear, the car has a little shake, but after accelerating, the shake disappears. In this case, it is time to consider cleaning the injectors.

Traditional fuel injector cleaning method.

1: First disconnect the fuel pump power, some models can unplug the fuel pump relay, start the vehicle to burn off the gasoline in the fuel line to prevent the gasoline from the fuel line when removing the fuel line, accidentally hurt the eyes or cause a fire.

2: Wear goggles before removing the fuel line, find a rag to cover the interface up and down, find a suitable special connector to connect with the fuel rail inlet pipe when disassembling, have the fuel return pipe vehicles blocked return pipe or fuel return pipe and inlet pipe connected to form a circuit.

3: Injector special cleaning agent into the bottle screw on the cap, the bottle on the fuel pipe connected to the fuel rail connector.

4: Hanging bottle connected to the compressed air line, cleaning bottle pressure adjustment for 2-3Kgm? ( specific pressure according to the model maintenance manual to determine )

5: Check the connection parts of the fuel pipe and return pipe for leakage, if there is leakage should be promptly excluded.

6: Start the engine, speed control between idle speed 1800 rpm until the product is used up, at which time the engine will automatically stop.

7: After the engine is turned off, turn off the engine. Remove the tools and fittings, use existing or new gaskets, and reconnect all pipes on the car.

8: Turn the ignition switch to the ON position and energize the fuel pump. Check all connections in the pipes for leaks.

9: After cleaning, check if the tools are complete and properly stored.

10: Note that this product needs to be cleaned when the water temperature reaches normal operating temperature.

Although the traditional method of injector cleaning can improve the carbon accumulation of injectors, the steps are tedious and the cleaning is not complete.

If cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine, the injector nozzle can be put directly into the cleaning tank and cleaned in all directions. Ultrasonic cleaning should be carefully checked before the injector nozzle for atomization, oil leakage, responsiveness, switch sensitivity, etc. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for blind holes, uneven places can be evenly cleaned to reduce the cost of cleaning and manual labor costs.

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