Manufacturers of custom ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment need to consider what process issues?

1, Ensure the cleanliness of the product requirements

Ultrasonic cleaning process, must meet the customer’s requirements for product cleanliness and production scale, that is, to meet the quality and quantity of the product indicators, which is the basic principle of process design.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

2, to meet the requirements of the next process processing

The intermediate cleaning process of the main process, the cleaning process to meet the needs of the next process processing.

For example, in the plating must be cleaned before oil removal, otherwise it will affect the bonding of the coating;

Another example is the metal parts, plastic parts in the surface before painting must be cleaned to remove dust and oil to ensure the bonding of the coating;

Another example is in some liquid crystal displays, optical lenses, metal parts, cutting tools surface, need vacuum coating, chemical coating or ion coating, need a higher clean surface, their pre-treatment, must be strictly clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of the coating;

In bonding, electron beam welding, vacuum heat treatment, rust prevention and many other pre-processes, they must be degreased and cleaned, otherwise it will affect the next process.

3, should be considered to match the upper process

The main process of the intermediate cleaning process, should match with the previous process. That is, the nature of the residual pollutants must be for the previous process, the use of the corresponding nature of the cleaning media and cleaning process.

For example, cleaning the electronic circuit board after welding, the previous process with water-soluble flux, then the cleaning medium should be selected with water-based cleaning agent. If the use of synthetic flux, the organic solvent cleaning should be used, that is, polar pollutants with polar solvents to clean, non-polar pollutants with non-polar solvents to clean.

4, the safety of the cleaning process

Ultrasonic cleaning process, should consider the safety, mainly toxicity and the risk of combustion.

① Some organic solvents have a certain degree of toxicity, such as HCFC-225, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, etc., should pay attention to the concentration allowed by its work site, and take appropriate measures.

② Some organic solvents have a low flash point, flammable and explosive, such as hydrocarbon solution (hydrocarbon), etc., should also be the corresponding anti-flammability and explosion-proof measures.

5, should be considered with the product structure material compatibility

Ultrasonic cleaning process, the cleaning solution should be considered and the product structure of the material solubility, so as to avoid corrosion, swelling, deformation, damage, etc. in the cleaning process.

① some workpiece material is a single, such as metal parts cleaning, to prevent the cleaning process by corrosion, oxidation, rust; and plastic parts cleaning, to prevent the cleaning process by swelling, dissolution, deformation, brittle cracking, etc..

② Some workpieces are assembled parts of different materials, to give full consideration to the cleaning process on the compatibility of different materials. For example, the electronic circuit board both metal parts, electronic components, and plastic parts, rubber, wires, coatings, etc., the cleaning process to remove the pollutants to clean, but also can not make the structure of the material damage, even the components on the specifications, marks, symbols can not be washed away, so in the custom ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning process should be carefully considered.

6, the environmental protection of the cleaning process

Ultrasonic cleaning process, try to reduce the emissions of three wastes, there are three perfect waste management measures to reduce or eliminate pollution of the environment, and do a good job of recycling and comprehensive use of three wastes. Specific to the regeneration of ultrasonic cleaning waste liquid, recycling and emissions, should not have a destructive impact on the environment.

Some organic solvents will destroy the earth’s ozone layer, some will produce the greenhouse effect, some will cause water pollution, etc., for example, chlorinated solvents have a certain degree of toxicity to people, affecting human health. In addition to the work site to consider the extraction device to ensure the safe concentration, should also consider the exhaust gas, toxic gas can not be discharged casually to the outside, should consider setting up as far as possible, recycling, regeneration equipment, or after activated carbon adsorption before discharge, to prevent the waste solution leakage into the sewer, causing environmental pollution.

7, cleaning process and production scale to match

Production scale is different, the ultrasonic cleaning process used is not the same. Single-piece, small batch production, in the cleaning time can be longer. And mass production, to consider the production beat, continuous automatic type or assembly line through the type of cleaning efficiency is higher, you can soak, rough washing, semi-precision washing, fine washing graded cleaning to achieve the target quality requirements.

8, the cleaning process to consider the economy

Ultrasonic washing process, its economy is very important to make a comprehensive assessment, not only to achieve the specified cleanliness requirements, but also to consider the relatively low investment, low cost of use, equipment to adapt to the object, long service life, simple and convenient operation, etc.

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