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Ultrasonic cleaning machine before work why should be heated first? Heating to what temperature is appropriate?

Why ultrasonic cleaning machine needs to be heated? In fact, the reason is very simple, just like washing dishes with hot water and without hot water. General cleaning of oily dirt, using a certain temperature of the liquid cleaning is certainly better than using room temperature liquid cleaning.


Secondly, the cleaning temperature increases, which is conducive to the generation of cavitation, but the temperature is too high, the vapor pressure within the bubble increases, the cavitation strength decreases. Therefore, the choice of temperature should consider the impact on the cavitation strength, but also consider the chemical cleaning effect of the cleaning solution. Each cleaning solution has its own suitable temperature range.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning temperature how many degrees appropriate?

Water temperature and heating
Water temperature and heating

Ultrasonic cleaning machine generally use a large amount of water and the right amount of cleaning agent as the cleaning fluid. The appropriate temperature of clean water is about 40-60 degrees Celsius. At this time, cavitation is active, but also suitable for dirt decomposition temperature range. Therefore, the usual application of ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning temperature used in the 40 ° C to 60 ° C between.

Finally, we remind you that, in order to cope with different cleaning requirements, in the purchase of ultrasonic cleaning machine, be sure to choose the ultrasonic cleaning machine with temperature adjustment function, such as Guanbo Technology’s D mechanical with heating series ultrasonic cleaning machine, in addition, for some special industries, the use of alcohol, trichloroethylene and other similar flammable and explosive cleaning agents, shall not open the heating function.

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