How about ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash glass? What are the advantages of the glass ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Glass ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used in ITO conductive glass, LCD substrate cleaning, liquid crystal sheet after the package residual liquid crystal cleaning. Series optical optoelectronic parts ultrasonic cleaning system, mainly by the former cleaning, inter-process cleaning, cleaning before coating more than ten models, the choice of neutral water-based solvent, ethanol, IPA and other solvents, mature technology, automated assembly line operations, thorough optical glass on the dirt and water, to achieve high cleanliness without water traces of requirements. Is the optical photoelectricity, glasses industry professional equipment, ITO LCD glass conventional glass professional cleaning equipment.


Five advantages of glass ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Advantage 1: fast cleaning efficiency, save time

In the field of glass industry, the need to clean the demand is relatively high, the daily daily production volume is relatively large, so the cleaning time for the production industry, time is also one of the costs, part of the cleaning equipment is also unable to do, and ultrasonic cleaning can solve this problem.

Advantage 2: good cleaning effect, no residue

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, not only its high cleaning efficiency, cleaning effect is also able to solve the required cleaning needs, the reason why it can do this, because with its working principle and cleaning method is closely related.

Advantage 3: Save solvent, save cleaning costs

For ultrasonic cleaning equipment cleaning method, adding cleaning solvent is only an auxiliary role, mainly due to its working principle and cleaning method, so in the case of working condition, the amount of added cleaning solvent required, than our manual labor cleaning, or the use of other equipment cleaning amount is less and less.

Advantage 4: No manual contact with solvent, safe and reliable

Cleaning machine solvent added when cleaning, is no need to touch with human hands, just add to the cleaning tank, set a good time to start cleaning work can be.

Advantage 5: the effect of a new look, no damage to the workpiece

After using ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning, the effect will make the workpiece a new look, no residual a little stain grease and dirt, etc., and the surface of the workpiece will not produce a little wear or defects.

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