Home ultrasonic cleaning machine use need to pay attention to what issues? Attention to the following matters

Home ultrasonic cleaner with a sealed top design can be moved quickly after adding water, in the process of moving will not leak or overflow, making cleaning items more personalized and convenient, for example, when cleaning small jewelry such as earrings, earrings. Simply put into the jewelry basket of the home ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can avoid scattering objects, centralized cleaning more convenient. So what points should be noted when using a reliable home ultrasonic cleaning machine?

household 120w 3l portable ultrasonic cleaner for clinic teeth brace jewelry ring watch eyeglass
household 120w 3l portable ultrasonic cleaner for clinic teeth brace jewelry ring watch eyeglass

Household ultrasonic cleaning machine should pay attention to what matters when using

One , no water do not clean

Many users have a certain misunderstanding of the working principle of the home ultrasonic cleaning machine, which acts on the surface of the object, through ultrasonic vibration cleaning dirt. But industry insiders said that the intermediate medium of home ultrasonic cleaning machine is water and other liquids, no water on the machine will damage the machine equipment, because high-frequency vibration will lead to machine parts off or loose, resulting in poor contact or other problems.

Second, shall not clean non-standard range of items

Whether it is home ultrasonic cleaning machine or commercial cleaning equipment, there are relevant cleaning standards and cleaning range. Some items can not be put into the ultrasonic cleaning machine, such as tortoiseshell or some pearl products, in principle, can not use this machine to clean, which will lead to cracks in the cleaned items. Even low frequency cleaning can produce traces or other problems on the surface. Therefore, before using the home ultrasonic cleaning machine, you need to carefully read the product manual.

Third, must not add corrosive cleaning agents

Must also avoid adding corrosive cleaning agents. Generally speaking, the purchase of home ultrasonic cleaning machine will include cleaning agents. After the cleaning agent is used up, try to choose some neutral cleaning agent or non-corrosive cleaning agent. Corrosive agents can cause the surface paint to flake off. At the same time, after the cleaning is completed, it will have a serious impact on the items being cleaned. Even if there is a lot of dirt on the surface, you should not use corrosive cleaners.

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