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How to clean glasses efficiently? Life hacks to teach you to clean your glasses quickly

How do you clean your glasses when they are dirty? Do you take a deep breath and wipe directly with a tissue, glasses cloth, or even a corner of your clothes?

In fact, this operation is wrong, there are particles on the surface of dirty lenses that are invisible to the naked eye, and wiping the lenses directly can easily cause scratches, which will greatly shorten the service life of your glasses.


Four ways to teach you the correct way to clean the lenses:.

1. use special wet wipes to wipe (but remember that such wipes are disposable)

2. Hand wash with detergent (the disadvantage is that the crevices are not easy to clean, but the flat surface can be cleaned better)

3. Spray glasses cleaning spray (special cleaning spray, the disadvantage is that the crevices are not easy to clean)

4. go to the optical store with glasses cleaning machine cleaning (now more ideal cleaning method)

Eyeglass cleaning machine is ultrasonic cleaning machine, because the same cleaning solution may be used for more than one pair of glasses in the optical store, there is a certain risk of cross infection. Today, home ultrasonic cleaning machine is small and compact, cheap and good. We can buy one for our own use and keep it at home. It can be not only an eyeglass cleaner, but also a variety of cleaners for jewelry, watches, jewelry, etc. It is suitable for the care machine of small and medium-sized equipment.

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