How to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean watches

Over time, watches can accumulate a lot of dirt: mainly sweat, dead skin, hair and fat from the skin, but also dust and other types of dirt.

When a watch gets dirty, it loses its original luster. Not only is it unhygienic. Perhaps importantly, it accelerates the aging process, especially on metal straps. Salt stains can cause rust and loss of luster, and quartz sand in dust can cause premature wear of the bracelet, which acts like sandpaper and increases friction between the links and other moving parts. Since this is the case then it is necessary to clean the watch regularly to keep it shiny. So how to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean watches? Today I would like to introduce to you


Cleaning method.

If there are no other problems, rinse the watch with pure water first, or you can scrub it with a brush first. This removes dirt and prevents buildup. However, using this method, it is difficult to reach all places and remove all the dirt. Therefore, an effective way to thoroughly clean your watch is to use an ultrasonic cleaner.

This is the ideal method for cleaning watches for watchmakers, jewelers and professionals.

When strong ultrasonic waves travel through a liquid, acoustic cavitation occurs due to non-linear effects. When the cavitation bubble suddenly closes, the shock wave can generate thousands of atmospheres around it, the direct and repeated impact on the layer of dirt on the one hand will destroy the adsorption of dirt and the surface of the cleaning part, and cause on the other hand is the layer of dirt. Off the surface of the cleaning parts, dispersed into the cleaning solution.

When ultrasonic cleaning of the appearance of the watch, be sure to follow the following rules.

1. Do not put the watch head in the cleaning tank

The watch head directly into the ultrasonic machine is bound to damage.

First, the vibration will push the bubble close to the seal and gasket

Second, the frequency of vibration may interfere with the frequency of the hairspring.

All ultrasonic cleaners purchased now are equipped with a special watch holder that keeps the head on the water, while the bracelet is hanging in the cleaning tank below

2, you buy your own home ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for cleaning the movement

Home ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean the external parts. As for the cleaning of the movement parts, it is recommended to send the maintenance organization. They have special professional ultrasonic cleaning machine, there are special cleaning solution.

The movement parts are disassembled and stacked in separate baskets. After a specific cleaning procedure, they are treated with industrial anhydrous alcohol and then dried in a drying oven. This is not something that can be done at home, so professional things should be done by professionals.

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