Ultrasonic cleaning machine can wash the mechanical keyboard?

For people who have to touch the keyboard work every day, the keyboard cleaning problem is what we have to face, because according to scientific experiments show that after a long time use the bacteria on the keyboard is about 100 times the normal situation, is the toilet 5 times, and this is almost every office worker to touch the keyboard every day!

The current people for the keyboard cleaning work only a small part of the mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will use professional equipment is also an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean. Other ordinary users are generally based on manual cleaning, but manual cleaning is often part of the place can not be cleaned, such as the key caps below the hole is relatively under, manual can not be cleaned in place, and the bacteria is almost unharmed, only the use of 70% alcohol wipe the surface of the keyboard, so as to kill most of the bacteria.

And the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine plus special cleaning agent to clean all kinds of mechanical keyboard, this cleaning method not only will not cause scratches on the surface of the keyboard, but also to do the fine crevices of the small holes for high precision cleaning, thoroughly kill viruses and bacteria.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning keyboard steps are as follows.

1, prepare a screwdriver or a small screwdriver to carefully remove the key caps;

2, after removing the key caps from the back of the keyboard to disassemble the panel;

3, the rubber pad, circuit board to take off; (these are not cleaning parts Oh)

4, then use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the key caps and keyboards;

5, to the cleaning machine filled with water, add cleaning agent (detergent, washing powder), start cleaning button;

6, cleaning 10-15 minutes later, take out the keyboard and some key caps and then rinse clean with water;

7, after cleaning, the keyboard shell and key caps for air-drying, with a hair dryer or put in front of the electric fan to air-dry.

8, then the air-dried keyboard shell and keycaps are assembled back in the same way.

Cleaning video.

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