Eyeglasses party must have, you can carry the ultrasonic cleaning machine

It is busy enough to go out in a hurry every morning and brush your teeth and wash your face to change your clothes. In addition, in recent years, it is often affected by air pollution, there is always a layer of dust on the glasses. Sometimes a lazy editor will just grab the corner of the coat and wipe the edge of the lens, and then run out the door quickly. But! This is actually a very hurtful behavior of glasses!

Because the sand on the clothes and the dust on the lens, direct friction is easy to scratch the lens. If you wear scratched lenses for a long time, it will not only affect your vision, but also affect your eyesight. And if you don’t clean your glasses regularly, sweat and dirt on the frame will oxidize and damage your glasses, and the nose rest will yellow.

But not always have time to wash the lenses by hand, some edges are not clean, how to do?

People who have the same troubles as I, do not worry, the following I will introduce you to the ultra-convenient cleaning products: small home ultrasonic cleaning machine, let’s get to know it!

What is the difference between the cleaning effect of “hand washing” and using “ultrasonic cleaning machine”?

The gap between the nose of the glasses and the jewelry is easy to hide old dust. Sometimes fingers can not enter such a small gap to scrub, resulting in some parts clean, some parts still have dirt residue.

Also, people with babies and young children at home may feel the same way. Children are always touching what they see, putting their fingers in their mouths or rubbing their eyes after touching, and this dust and dirt can get into people’s bodies. For busy parents, just taking care of their kids is exhausting enough, spending time washing those little things by hand is too much of a hassle!

This time-consuming and laborious job will be done for you by an ultrasonic cleaner. Put the things to be washed in, wait a few minutes, you can easily wash them for you, the washing effect is almost 100%, the edges are clean and crushed. In addition, the ultrasonic cleaner is not limited to washing glasses, it can also wash tables, glasses, Lego toys, small PCB circuit boards, glassware products, chemical fibers, household appliances, jewelry, coins, and more!

The use of ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine is as follows.

1, add room temperature water to the marked water level below the position

2, add a drop of neutral detergent effect is better

3, put the glasses, press the switch

4, the default time of ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine is 5 minutes, but you can press the stop button in advance according to the degree of dirty glasses.

5, After cleaning with the ultrasonic glasses cleaner, gently wipe the lenses along the same direction

Notes on use.

1, ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine will be hot when running, so it is not recommended that the cleaning time is too long, about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

2, ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine water to be replaced regularly, 4 to 5 pairs of glasses replaced once, and then re-add detergent.

3, ultrasonic cleaning machine after washing glasses, wipe with a clean cloth.

4, When cleaning glasses, the lenses should face upwards to prevent scratches.

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