Ultrasonic cleaning machine why the lid

With the development of science and technology, related technology fields penetrate each other, so that ultrasonic cleaning equipment is widely used in all aspects of our, such as engineering, machinery, electronics, chemical, biological, medical, household, etc., so do you notice why no matter large or small ultrasonic cleaning machine comes with a lid?

22 liter print head/vinyl record/gears/circuit board ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning machine why cover?

First of all, we must explain that the ultrasonic cleaner can open the lid when in use.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cover the role of the lid

1, to reduce the point of noise emitted, this is because the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine scenes mostly in laboratories, hospitals, factories and other indoor environments, the noise greatly affects people’s physical and mental health. So cover the lid is effective in reducing the spread of noise, and open the lid words do not affect the cleaning effect.

2, do not use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to prevent dust and other dirt into the cleaning tank.

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