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How does the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine carry out the extraction and emulsification effect?

In recent years, with the specialization of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and the derivation of special ultrasonic cleaning equipment “laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine”, which is widely used in the laboratory extraction, cleaning, emulsification, etc..

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine
Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine for the extraction of various components of the separation principle mainly from ultrasonic cavitation and mechanical effects, ultrasonic cavitation effect on the rupture of tiny bubbles to generate great pressure, the instantaneous completion of the rupture of the cell wall, shorten the crushing time, while the ultrasonic vibration effect of the release of material ultrasonic-assisted extraction technology compared with existing extraction methods, with high extraction efficiency, short extraction time, power consumption Low power consumption and other advantages.

And emulsification is a liquid in a very small state dispersed in another liquid incompatible with each other, the formation of emulsion process. Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine emulsification is the use of ultrasound cavitation and mechanical effects, shear macromolecules to homogenize to achieve the effect of emulsification. In addition, the effect of ultrasound can also make some insoluble substances activity increased, so that the water dispersion uniform or dissolved.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine:

  • dpf cleaning/various metal parts cleaner ultrasonic glasses washing machine
  • commercial intelligent time control dpf ultrasonic cleaning machine with basket
  • digital smart industrial ultrasonic cleaner cleaning washer machine for vibrator
  • 22 litre ultrasonic engine cleaning bath equipment with duel safety switch

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