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What is the high cleanliness cleaning method for semiconductor wafers? Try with ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Semiconductor wafer ultrasonic cleaning machine is a professional semiconductor wafer cleaning equipment, widely used in IC production and semiconductor component production in the wet chemical process of wafers. It can effectively remove the organic matter, particles, metal impurities, natural oxide layer and quartz from the wafer surface. Plastic and other accessories of contaminants, will not damage the surface characteristics of the chip.

Semiconductor Wafers

Semiconductor wafer ultrasonic cleaning machine development background

The purpose of ultrasonic cleaning is mainly to remove contaminants from the surface of semiconductor wafers / wafers, such as particles, organic matter, inorganic metal ions, oxide layer and other impurities. The main reason for the adsorption of impurities on the surface of semiconductor wafers / wafers is the breakage of the chemical bonds of the atoms on the surface of the wafer / wafer, the formation of dangling bonds, the formation of a free force field on the surface to facilitate the adsorption of various impurities. These impurities quickly form a chemical adsorption with silicon and are difficult to remove.

PCB circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine
PCB circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning semiconductor wafers with the following characteristics.

1、robotic or multi-robot combination to achieve the workstation process requirements.

2、PLC full program control and touch screen operation interface, easy to operate.

3、Fully enclosed shell to ensure a good cleaning environment.

4、With a variety of cleaning functions to ensure uniform cleaning.

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