What is a micro ultrasonic cleaner, micro ultrasonic cleaner can really sterilize?

Micro ultrasonic cleaner is a kind of object cleaning equipment, application industrial and mining enterprises, universities and colleges scientific research units laboratory, hospitals, electronic car line and other industries. Mainly used for object cleaning, degassing, disinfection, emulsification, mixing, replacement, extraction.

Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic Cleaner

Micro ultrasonic cleaning machine advantages.

1, high precision: good durability ultrasonic cleaning machine both excellent high precision, can use the penetrating energy of ultrasonic waves, cleaning to very fine crevices, small holes. Ultrasonic cleaning will usually become to meet the special technical requirements of the cleaning method.

2, super fast: ultrasonic cleaning machine with some conventional cleaning means, compared to the dust and scale removal on the workpiece, the speed is very fast, so that the cleaning efficiency can be improved. Moreover, the use of the equipment, but also without disassembly assembly, saving some time and energy. At present, ultrasonic cleaning machine is constantly being popular, gradually evolved into a cost-effective cleaning methods, by more customers.

3, consistency: the so-called consistency, refers to the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, regardless of the object being cleaned is large or small, or simple or complex, the degree of cleaning is consistent, there is no serious difference. In this way, it also ensures that every object that is cleaned to have a good cleaning effect.

Micro ultrasonic cleaning machine can really sterilize?

The answer is yes. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of ultrasonic waves in the liquid cavitation effect, can clean off the surface of the workpiece stained oil, with the appropriate cleaning agent, you can quickly achieve a high degree of cleanliness on the surface of the workpiece. Ultrasonic cleaning can strengthen the cleaning process and improve the sterilization effect in the disinfection process.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine sterilization is through the interaction of sound-transmitting medium to produce a huge amount of energy to kill microorganisms in a very short period of time. It is generally believed that the sterilization effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly comes from the cavitation inside the cell. The sterilization effect is affected by a variety of factors, including the frequency, intensity and exposure time of ultrasound, the type and number of microorganisms and the nature of the medium.

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