What are the advantages of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine?

I do not know if you have found in addition to some of the home ultrasonic cleaning machine, the laboratory is used in most of the dual-frequency, multi-frequency or high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning equipment. And the requirements of the laboratory use of cleaning equipment is usually very high. So what are the unique advantages of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine? Let’s take a look.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine three major advantages.

1, the operability of the ultrasonic cleaning machine

fast dispatch ultrasonic cleaner 10 liter soak tank 240w piezoceramic transducer washer for laboratory
fast dispatch ultrasonic cleaner 10 liter soak tank 240w piezoceramic transducer washer for laboratory

In order to simplify the actual operation of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning equipment as much as possible, the choice of AUTO one-touch automatic key design program, but also a humane choice of settings. Can fully take into account the laboratory needs of various manufacturing industries. In addition, the ultrasonic cleaning machine also uses a large LCD display page, can make the equipment information display more clearly, not only simplifies the operation, but also more detailed understanding of the various parameters.

2, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine for a wide range of applications

Laboratory glassware
Laboratory glassware

Because the laboratory is different from the manufacturing industry, its characteristics are also different. Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning equipment can not only clean all walks of life laboratory equipment, but also some crushing, emulsification, dispersion, purification, accelerate the exothermic reaction, nanotechnology production, etc., so the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine has a very common application areas.

3, high cleaning efficiency, no heat

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine
Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

Because the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine selected some good technology, so the ultrasonic cleaning equipment has a better design and structure, in the application of cleaning equipment in the process not only can reasonably improve the conversion efficiency of ultrasonic sound energy, but also to carry out the overall design of the selection of resonance point is less, so that the failure of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment operation energy can be reduced to less. Therefore, the ultrasonic cleaning machine to the load temperature caused by the high power demand.

The above is about the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine is introduced. I do not know whether these advantages of ultrasonic cleaning equipment has aroused your interest in cleaning. If you have a need, please contact us.

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