What are the factors that cause the ultrasonic cleaning machine does not heat? How to solve?

In the market of ultrasonic cleaning machine, in addition to small household cleaning machine, heating function is one of the common functions of ultrasonic cleaning machine. This is because the ultrasonic cleaning machine heating function can effectively improve the cleaning efficiency. But the general heating function only supports heating to 80 degrees Celsius. If a little higher, the effect on the cleaning effect is not much, 80 degrees has reached the boiling point of a small amount of liquid.

Water temperature and heating
Water temperature and heating

If you buy the ultrasonic cleaning machine has a heating function, but the heating function fails in the process of use, what is the specific reason? Ultrasonic cleaning machine does not heat for the following reasons.

1, the heating film and circuit board connection disconnected;

2, the set temperature is lower than the actual temperature;

3, heating film burned;

4, the control panel temperature setting module failure.

For these possible reasons, we can judge and deal with the following ways.

1, check whether the heating film is disconnected from the circuit board connection. If so, you can connect it and test again;

2、When the temperature you set is lower than the actual temperature of the liquid, the heating function does not turn on. You can check the temperature you set and raise the set temperature to test whether the heating function is properly opened.

3, the heating film is usually covered in the outer surface of the cleaning tank, you can observe whether it is burned. If the heating film is burned, you need to contact the manufacturer to replace the repair.

4, if the above reasons are ruled out, then there may be a problem with the control panel.

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