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Ultrasonic cleaning machine use precautions and common problems

Daily use precautions.

(1) ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply and heater power supply must have a good grounding device.

(2) ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly prohibited without cleaning fluid to start, that is, the cleaning cylinder does not add a certain amount of cleaning fluid, shall not open the ultrasonic switch.

(3) There is heating equipment cleaning equipment is strictly prohibited when no liquid to open the heating switch.

(4) prohibit the use of heavy objects (iron) hit the bottom of the cleaning cylinder, in order to avoid damage to the energy converter chip.

(5) The ultrasonic generator power supply should be used separately one way 220V/50Hz power supply and equipped with more than 2000W voltage regulator.

(6) The bottom of the cleaning cylinder should be flushed regularly, there should not be too much debris or dirt.

(7) Every time you change new liquid, wait for the ultrasonic wave to start before washing parts.

Ultrasonic transducer common problems.

(1) The ultrasonic transducer is damp. Generally use megohm meter to check and the plug connected to the transducer, check the insulation resistance value between the positive and negative poles of the transducer can be judged. General requirements of insulation resistance greater than 30 megohms or more. If the insulation resistance value is not reached, it is likely that the transducer moisture. Maintenance method is to put the transducer as a whole (excluding the sprayed shell) into the oven set at about 100 ℃, drying for three hours or use the hair dryer to damp to normal resistance value. Transducer oscillator fire, ceramic material shattered. Maintenance can use the naked eye and megohmmeter combination check. Generally as a measure of emergency treatment, you can disconnect the individual damaged transducer, will not affect the normal use of other transducers.

(2) Transducer deglue. We know that most manufacturers use the glued way to fix the transducer, but the long-term use of ultrasonic cleaning machine due to vibration will appear deglued phenomenon. There are also manufacturers use gluing plus screw fastening way, in general, there will be no degluing, due to the role of the screw, the vibrator will not fall from the vibration surface after degluing, the general method of judgment is to lightly shake the tail of the vibrator by hand, carefully observe the vibration surface of the glue situation to make a judgment.

(3) general vibrator degumming after the ultrasonic power output power is normal, but due to the vibrator and vibration surface is not well connected, the vibration surface vibration effect is not good, after a long time because the energy can not be released, it is likely to burn out the vibrator. Vibrator degumming is more troublesome for the user to repair, in general, can only be sent back to the manufacturer for maintenance treatment. The most effective way to avoid the vibrator degumming is to pay attention to the usual use of the vibrating surface does not hit.

(4) vibrating surface perforation. General ultrasonic transducer full load after several years of use may appear vibration surface perforation, which is due to the vibration surface of the stainless steel plate for a long time high-frequency vibration fatigue, vibration surface perforation indicates that the service life of the transducer has arrived, maintenance can only be replaced.

Ultrasonic generator common problems.

(1) ultrasonic cleaning machine to open the power switch, the indicator light does not light. This situation maintenance must check whether the power switch is intact, the leakage switch is closed. If the switch is intact and then check whether the fuse is overloaded blown, basically can be solved.

(2) ultrasonic cleaning machine to open the power switch, the light is on, but no ultrasonic output. This situation is more complicated, maintenance, first check the transducer and ultrasonic power board connection plug whether there is loose, and then check whether the fuse is blown. If everything is normal there may be an internal failure of the ultrasonic power generator, use a multimeter to play the power line bright line, whether the fire line are through. After excluding the generator fault then check whether the ultrasonic transducer is burned out, whether it needs to be replaced.

(3) ultrasonic cleaning machine DC fuse blown. May be rectifier bridge stack or power tube burned, may also be the transducer aging, the current is unstable, these may cause power generator failure. Maintenance should pay more attention.

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