Is ultrasonic cleaning machine suitable for tortoiseshell glasses?

Not suitable, because tortoiseshell glasses belong to the marine turtle shell class, through the ultrasonic cleaning will shake off the surface of the protective film, so that the glasses lose luster. So it is not recommended to use ultrasonic cleaning!

Tortoiseshell frame maintenance method.

Tortoiseshell will age if it is not properly preserved, and the surface will show fine cracks and lose its luster.

To prevent aging, you need to avoid contact with chemicals (hairspray, disinfectant wipes, etc.), sweat and other corrosive liquids as little as possible, and repeatedly wipe and polish with a cloth when the surface luster is not good.

Daily maintenance can be wiped with deerskin or soft cotton cloth, long-term use of attention to prevent insect infestation

In addition, long-term direct sunlight will darken the color of tortoiseshell, high temperature will deform it, and sharp temperature and humidity differences will also lead to deterioration, so we need to pay more attention to it in use.

The shaping of tortoiseshell ware requires considerable skill, so unless you are extremely skilled, you will not be able to use it.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine suitable for cleaning glasses

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  • Is ultrasonic cleaning machine suitable for tortoiseshell glasses?

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