Does the ultrasonic cleaner have an effect on rubber parts?

The answer is no effect. However, it should be noted that for rubber products, the general ultrasonic cleaning machine can be competent cleaning work needs to be divided into situations, such as soft rubber may not be very suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, because the effect of ultrasonic waves will be absorbed, and similar to the rubber mold is mainly hard material, combined with high-frequency ultrasonic shock head, is applicable to the ultrasonic cleaning method.

The advantages of using ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash rubber parts are as follows.

1, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and all workpiece cleanliness consistent;

2, fast cleaning speed;

3, no manual contact with the cleaning fluid, safe and reliable;

4, the surface of the product to be cleaned will not cause damage;

5, save solvent, workplace, labor, etc.;

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