How to clean the titanium rod cartridge? Ultrasonic cleaning machine is currently the more used solution

Titanium rod filter is a kind of filtration equipment widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries for solid-liquid separation. After using for a period of time, the cartridge will adhere to a large number of impurities, so the titanium rod cartridge needs to be cleaned or replaced from time to time. Due to the high cost of titanium rod cartridge replacement, many people choose to clean and regenerate the treatment process. Generally, clean water backwashing, gas backwashing, acid washing and alkaline washing are used to clean titanium rod cartridge. Although these methods can clean the titanium rod cartridge and restore its filtration effect, these methods are complicated in process, manual investment and long cleaning time. There is an urgent need to find a new cleaning process.

With the rapid development of modern industrial cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning technology has gradually entered the field of vision, and its application in the titanium rod cartridge cleaning advantages are obvious. At present, some enterprises have chosen ultrasonic cleaning machine to complete the cleaning of the cartridge. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can quickly make the titanium rod cartridge clean as new. The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is that ultrasonic waves propagate in the cleaning fluid, producing a large number of tiny bubbles. These bubbles will rapidly increase and then burst. When tens of thousands of tiny bubbles explode at the same time, they will form a shock wave of more than 1000 atmospheres, constantly impacting the surface of the object. The impurities in the crevices achieve the purpose of cleaning.

How to clean the titanium rod cartridge? Ultrasonic cleaning machine is the more used solution nowadays. The titanium rod cartridge can be rotated in the ultrasonic cleaning machine tank, and the overflow device is used to discharge the dirt stripped by ultrasonic cleaning. The cleaned cartridge meets GMP requirements.

Cleaning titanium rod cartridge with ultrasonic cleaning machine can also improve the cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency of cartridge, prolong the service life of cartridge, and greatly reduce the cleaning cost of titanium rod cartridge. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is the ideal cleaning equipment for cleaning titanium rod cartridge.

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