How to clean the rubber mold? Can ultrasonic cleaning machine?

As we all know, the production of rubber products is inseparable from the moulds, and the cleanliness of rubber moulds determines the appearance quality and dimensional accuracy of rubber products. It is inevitable that rubber moulds will leave a lot of dirt on the surface after long-term use. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of rubber products, rubber molds must be cleaned regularly.

And it is known that ultrasonic cleaning is “bullying hard and soft”, so rubber products, but also suitable for ultrasonic cleaning?


For rubber products, ultrasonic cleaning machine can be cleaned depends on the situation. For example, soft rubber may not be suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, because the effect of ultrasonic waves will be absorbed, while the rubber mold is mainly made of hard materials, combined with high-frequency ultrasonic vibration head, can be suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.

In the past, rubber products manufacturers generally use chemical cleaning and manual cleaning to clean rubber molds. Long-term use of chemical cleaning will cause rubber mold corrosion. And when the dirt is complicated, it needs to be cleaned repeatedly with a variety of chemical cleaning agents, which is easy to cause environmental pollution. And the manual cleaning method is easy to cause damage to the rubber mold. In addition, also need to repeatedly rub, scrape, brush and other operations, labor-intensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive.

To solve the above cleaning shortcomings and the application of new technologies, ultrasonic rubber mold cleaning machine came into being. The use of ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, in the cleaning fluid constantly produce a large number of tiny bubbles. These bubbles are caused by ultrasonic cavitation, the rapidly increasing bubble bursts produce shock waves, and constantly impact the surface of the rubber mold decomposition thickness dirt, so that the surface of the rubber mold dirt off.

Ultrasonic rubber mold cleaning machine can effectively remove the oil, rust and rubber carbon on the rubber mold. It is an excellent cleaning equipment for cleaning rubber moulds.

Compared with chemical cleaning and manual cleaning, ultrasonic rubber mold cleaning machine not only can reduce labor intensity, save cleaning time and cost, but also can avoid the cleaning process due to improper cleaning and damage to the rubber mold, better than cleaning with chemical solvents, more environmentally friendly and safer.

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