Ultrasonic cleaning vibration plate, ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration plate is what

With the development of the times, the cleaning industry has become an indispensable industry, of course, is also constantly updated. Now more and more industries and companies are using ultrasonic cleaning machine, which is particularly used in industrial production ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration plate, but many people know very little about it. So today I will give you an introduction to the ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration plate, I hope it will help you.

What is the ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration plate.

Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar
Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar

Ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration plate, also known as the vibrator plate, is the ultrasonic transducer bonded sealed in a stainless steel box, the ultrasonic generator composed of ultrasonic cleaning device, suitable for placement in a variety of cleaning tanks.

Vibration plate structure
Vibration plate structure

Scope of application: The product is widely used in the pre-treatment and post-treatment processes of electroplating and painting, electrophoresis, spray painting and other processes. It has the characteristics of easy operation, thorough cleaning and no collision between workpieces. Also widely used in pharmaceutical machinery ultrasonic bottle washing machine, mesh belt cleaning line, water treatment pipeline homogenization and other large equipment.

Structure features: using domestic high-quality 304 stainless steel, acid and alkali resistance, beautiful appearance. Adopt ultrasonic external independent generator, stable performance. Also easy to install and use, suitable for a variety of cleaning requirements. Vibration plate size can be customized according to customer requirements.

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