Ultrasonic cleaning machine how to use (ultrasonic cleaning machine use method detailed explanation)

How to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine? The following granbo will give you an introduction to the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

Ultrasonic cleaning machine use steps.

1, the items to be cleaned into the cleaning basket of the cleaning machine, and then the cleaning basket into the cleaning tank. Please do not put the items directly into the cleaning tank, so as not to damage the equipment and affect the cleaning effect.

2、According to different products or cleaning effect, pour in the cleaning solution, water or water solution in proportion to the minimum water level not lower than the minimum water level marked in the product manual and the maximum water level not exceeding the maximum water level marked in the product manual.

3, connect 220V/50Hz power three-prong socket, turn on the power.

4, open the ultrasonic cleaning machine switch button, green switch on the normal operation.

5, open the ultrasonic cleaning machine temperature control, according to the item cleaning requirements to adjust the temperature.

6, the temperature indicator goes off, the heater reaches the required requirements, the heater stops working, if lower than the set temperature, the heater will continue to automatically heat.

7、When the heating temperature reaches the product cleaning requirements, the cleaning timer can be turned on, and the working time of the timer can be set according to the product cleaning requirements.

8、The cleaning time of general items is 10 minutes to 20 minutes. For cleaning difficult workpieces, the cleaning time can be extended appropriately to ensure the cleaning effect.

9、The timer position can be adjusted arbitrarily within 1-20min, also can be adjusted in the normally open position. The general cleaning time is 10-20min. for the cleaning of particularly difficult parts, the cleaning time can be extended appropriately.

10、After cleaning, the cleaning tank remove the cleaning basket, rinse with warm water or in another solvent-free warm water cleaning tank.

11、Items should be dried, stored and assembled after cleaning.

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