Why should I buy a silent ultrasonic cleaner? Can it really be silent?

What is a silent ultrasonic cleaner?

Silent ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the traditional ultrasonic cleaning machine is the difference is to achieve a quieter operating environment, generally silent type ultrasonic cleaning machine are equipped with a muffler. And noise silent ultrasonic series and ordinary compared to reduce the 25 decibels or so. General ordinary ultrasonic cleaning machine decibel operation in more than 80.

The advantages of silent ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Most of the ultrasonic cleaning machine without silent treatment in the actual use of loud and harsh noise, and ultrasonic cleaning machine application scenarios mostly in laboratories, hospitals, factories and other indoor environments, these noises greatly affect people’s physical and mental health. Therefore, in this case, the general use of silent ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Silent ultrasonic cleaner silent principle.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine noise and ultrasonic power and ultrasonic frequency, which is inevitable, so we start from the material, one is to abandon the traditional ultrasonic cleaning machine metal shell, the innovative use of ABS plastic shell, this design greatly weakened the noise generated by the ultrasonic cleaning machine work. Second, the built-in noise reduction cover, thick plastic cover, isolated another part of the noise. Under the double noise reduction measures, the noise value of the silent ultrasonic cleaner is lower than 60B, which is close to the noise generated when people communicate with each other, and the noise value is only one-third of similar capacity and frequency products.

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