How effective are small home ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning glasses? Is it worth buying?

Eyeglasses are extremely present in everyday life. Nearsighted glasses allow people who are nearsighted to see the world more clearly. Sunglasses can help fashionistas get a unique style. However, glasses that have been worn for a long time will always become less clear than they were at the beginning, and some stains cannot be wiped away. So, how effective is the use of small home ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean glasses?

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine using ultrasonic cleaning method. Under the action of ultrasonic waves, the water will produce a large number of tiny bubbles. When the bubbles penetrate into the glass crevices, they will quickly burst and produce a strong impact, softening and peeling off the stains, thus achieving the effect of efficient cleaning. At the same time, it does not damage the item and is especially suitable for glasses that are worn for long periods of time, as there will always be stains on the frames that we cannot wipe off with glasses cloths every day.

The cleaning process is very simple. After turning on the power, open the lid, add water to the position of the scale line inside the container, put in the items to be cleaned and press the switch. Add a drop of detergent to get better results. Using the ultrasonic frequency of 40KHZ, you can quickly remove the stains hidden in the cracks. After the cleaning is completed, put it into the water and shake it gently, the effect visible to the naked eye is enough to show its strength.

The difference with using glasses cloth is that it can achieve 360° dead-end cleaning. It takes only 60 seconds to easily wash away 98% of the bacteria and dirt, restoring factory-like brightness to your glasses instantly. The cleaning time is controlled by you and runs for more than five minutes with automatic power off to ensure safety. Usually, cleaning only takes a minute.

With it, you will feel like wearing new glasses every day. While ensuring the cleanliness of your glasses, it also reduces the chance of bacterial infections on the skin around your glasses. After cleaning, it is recommended to rinse with a tap and then absorb the water with a cloth or paper towel. Please do not wipe as this may affect the cleaning effect. In addition to eyeglasses, razors, jewelry, watches, pen tips and other items that tend to accumulate stains in the crevices can be put in for cleaning and taken out as good as new. Small ultrasonic cleaning machine is only the size of the palm of your hand, at home, school or office are not occupying the space. Streamlined design, exquisite as a work of art on the desktop. High-quality ABS material with paint coloring process, not easy to moisture and mold. Crown Bosch offers a variety of colors for you to choose from, so you can enjoy a professional cleaning experience at home.

Small home ultrasonic cleaning machine
Small home ultrasonic cleaning machine

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