Cleaning characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine vibrators

Ultrasonic cleaning machine core configuration is the ultrasonic oscillator that is, ultrasonic transducer, high-quality ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator can significantly improve the stability of ultrasonic cleaning machine and reduce power consumption.

The ultrasonic transducer by the shell, matching layer, piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer, backing, lead cable and Cymbal array receiver composition. The piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer is made of PZT-5 piezoelectric material polarized in the thickness direction, and the Cymbal array receiver consists of 8 to 16 Cymbal transducers, two metal rings and rubber washers.

Ultrasonic transducer
Ultrasonic transducer

Principles of ultrasonic oscillator arrangement.

(1) cleaning of different products have different requirements for scheduling, such as the degree of oil contamination of the product, the degree of cleaning difficulty, the level of cleaning requirements, the design of the cleaning process, all require a targeted selection.

(2) vibrator arrangement is not more and more dense the better, the appropriate fit is suitable.

Ultrasonic transducer
Ultrasonic transducer

Ultrasonic oscillator characteristics.

Low heat: low heat is the characteristics of high-quality ultrasonic cleaning vibrators should have, the vibrator is the current into ultrasound, if the shock head in the process of working low heat, that it is less heat, that is, in the conversion of current into ultrasonic energy consumes less power, which will greatly increase the current conversion rate, saving energy and reducing costs.

Super shock: with super shock performance is a high-quality ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator should have the characteristics of the ultrasonic transducer the better the shock, in other words, the more powerful it shock, the better the rate of conversion, they are mutually unified relationship, there is a party to the existence of the natural performance of the other party.

Stable performance: performance is an important feature of high-quality ultrasonic cleaning machine vibrator should have, stable performance is mainly expressed in the output stability, that is, the energy output after the transducer to act on the next step in the operation of the machine, the output process with good quality assurance, so that the next operation of the machine is not affected, or improve the next operation of the machine.

The advantages of ultrasonic vibrators.

Ultrasonic vibrator good external performance: ultrasonic cleaning machine cavitation effect is good quality ultrasonic cleaning machine vibrator should have the characteristics of the cavitation effect is good or bad determines the effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning objects, in short, that is, the ultrasonic cleaning machine cavitation effect is good, its cleaning effect is good, its cavitation effect is poor, the cleaning effect is poor.

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