Will it hurt to put my hand in the ultrasonic cleaning machine during operation?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine, in many laboratories are very common, there are used to clean glassware, some used to do organic extraction, the experimental staff will be easy to contact, we all know that the hand into the ultrasonic cleaning machine inside, will feel numb, especially the size of different power, the feeling of the hand is different, so put your hand in it will be harmed?


Answer: It’s okay, as long as it’s not a long time to put your hand in it. And hands will feel numb, this is because: the transmission of ultrasound in accordance with the sine curve longitudinal propagation, that is, a layer of strong layer of weak, in turn, when the weak acoustic signal in the liquid, will produce a certain negative pressure on the liquid, so that the formation of many tiny bubbles in the liquid, and when the strong acoustic signal in the liquid, it will produce a certain positive pressure on the liquid, and therefore, the formation of tiny bubbles in the liquid is crushed. Research has proved that: ultrasonic action in the liquid, the rupture of each bubble in the liquid will produce a shock wave of great energy, equivalent to a few hundred degrees of high temperature and up to thousands of atmospheric pressure, this phenomenon is called “cavitation effect”, ultrasonic cleaning is the application of the liquid bubble rupture generated by the shock wave to achieve cleaning and Flush the role of the internal and external surfaces of the workpiece. When the hand into the water bubble will touch the hand surface, to a certain pressure, the bubble will break while generating a huge shock wave, so that the hand will feel the numbness or tingling sensation.

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