What is a dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine?

With the progress of science and technology, the field of use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is constantly expanding, so the derivation of different kinds of functional ultrasonic period cleaning machine, then the ultrasonic cleaning machine dual frequency is what it means, how to distinguish between single-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine and dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Single frequency can only work in a frequency point, only suitable for a class of products cleaning, and the so-called ultrasonic cleaning machine dual frequency, refers to the same cleaning equipment can work two frequency characteristics, according to the cleaning needs of frequency adjustment, generally commonly used dual frequency combination of 28KHz/45KHz, 45KHz/80KHz two.

Most of the ultrasonic cleaning machine on the market are using single frequency 28KHz, 40KHz, 80KHz and other frequencies, such as industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, home ultrasonic cleaning machine, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine, large ultrasonic cleaning equipment, such as the use of single-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, and laboratory, medical fields can be used for ultrasonic cleaning machine for the cleaning of appliances and experimental products, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization The use of different roles, such as extraction, accelerating chemical reactions, so the use of dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is a little more.

In summary, I believe that you should have a basic knowledge of what ultrasonic cleaning machine dual frequency means, so you understand the single-frequency and dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can buy different frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine in accordance with their own cleaning needs and circumstances, in order to achieve a good cleaning experience.

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